Hi I am new here my name is Marie I’m 48 I’m just waiting to be diagnosed with Asperger’s I’m having a horrible time my childhood awful I have dyslexia and learning difficulties has anyone experienced powerful swing moods changes from calm to anger with just one word I have been going out with my partner for 12 yrs and I have 6 dogs to look after I live on my own and she lives with her mam I can’t go anywhere I haven’t been away with my gf for at least 7 yrs and the jealousy I have has ruined our relationship she is goin anywhere and everywhere with her friend who was my friend I can’t handle it so we hav spilt up I have no friends and on my plz tell me there is someone out there who has gone through r is going through it as im stuck I need some advice plz thank you xx

Posted by marfahey11 at 2023-05-08 09:08:13 UTC