Just need to vent. Staying with my niece for a few days and thinking it was going to be a wonderful time together. Until dinner last night. She made prime rib, mashed potatoes that had a different texture, and garden green beans. I thought my 12 yo son would be okay with the green beans and maybe the potatoes, but when she said the meat was venison she shot herself, my son went into a quiet rebellion. He just whispered to me, "I can't." I asked him just to try. Our rule at home was to just try, but I'm not very able to get him to even follow that rule. Well, my niece commented about their rules for her two toddlers. And that I need to be more consistent. And that he should do as he is told. It was so discouraging that I didn't get but two hours of sleep last night. Worrying. Worrying especially because she saved the food for him to eat today - which I KNOW isn't going to go well. And we still have three more days. I keep going back and forth between guilt for "spoiling" my sweet son, who really is trying his best and anger that my kid is not a typical kid you can bully into obedience. I guess I just needed to know I'm not alone.

Posted by Oldmomyoungheart at 2023-05-07 13:10:49 UTC