I am autistic and in my late 20's and I always feel uncomfortable and weird. Moving around is uncomfortable to me. I used to play sports when I was in high school and socializing wasn't too hard but all that has changed. I don't know how to explain what it's like but everything just feels wrong and weird like moving and talking. I think it took the course of one year to gradually go from doing sports and socializing to keeping to myself because I just feel too awkward. I believe I have experienced challenges in my childhood that haunt me but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I just feel like my brain is against me that it creates bad circumstances on purpose. And I can't seem to concentrate making playing video gaming difficult. My brain can only do simple things now like I can't play anything more complicated than simple. I wasn't always like this I just don't know what happened. Its been 8 years and I think I'm stuck like this. I feel so far from my true potential with this autism like something is holding my brain back with rope or something. Most of the time I spend my days doing nothing. I just wait for the day to end. I want to be social and make friends but this weirdness of a disability gets in the way. I just call it autism because that's what I was diagnosed with and I have nothing else to call it. I'm lonely, I'm depressed and I can't explain my disabilities all too well so the pain is all trapped inside. It makes everything awkward and hard to do. Edit: it started after I finished high school. I stopped socializing and now I can't get back into it because of what I explained above. Does anybody else feel this way? I want to know if this is common and if there's a way to fix it or at least to have someone to relate to, specifically feeling weird, uncomfortable, like something wrong preventing socialization.

Posted by Alex1234 at 2023-05-03 18:38:31 UTC