I have a 25-year-old son, (I married his dad - a single parent- when he was 18 months old) who is naturally sweet but struggles with what he calls "anxiety" and being "stuck in his head". His life-long behavior totally matches the description in the intro video presentation and although he was diagnosed as both cognitively disabled and very bright during high school, he was never described as having "Aspergers." 1) The first stumbling block I am facing in sharing the info in this course with him is that he gets enraged when "Aspergers" or the like is mentioned. For example: My eldest grandson is "on the spectrum." (He is currently a US Marine and very successful - heading toward third promotion in two years.) When he visited, my son complained that he was odd to communicate with, and I said, "well, he is on the spectrum" and couldn't get to the second half of my remark - which was that judging his behavior as rejecting was probably inaccurate. Alex was enraged and expressed that calling someone "on the spectrum" was a grave insult and I should never say it. 2) My goal in taking this course is to learn how to support his independence. He is currently mourning the death of his father and the breakup with his (one and only) girlfriend and also hasn't found a career niche. This means he is lonely and spends too much time alone at home while I work. I am old enough to be his grandmother and worry about what will happen when I am gone. Thank you for listening and for providing this training and form.

Posted by chalper at 2023-05-02 19:14:07 UTC