I was wondering if anyone has any advice. My 10yr old daughter does not like to talk, compromise, make agreements etc. She is deep in Defense Mode. I am trying to be a sympathetic listener and trying to overlook and not make a big deal about the daily things I want her to do right now like put clothes in hamper, keep room clean, put dishes away after eating, don't hoard food in your room etc...I feel like the more patient I am with her the more oppositional defiant she is becoming..If she knows she shouldn't do it, she does...She recently found out the code to the IPad and purchased $200 worth of Robux for Roblox. She overdrew my bank account..She also took money from my purse that I hid!..How do I handle these larger issues(besides being even more careful hiding my purse and password) while trying to still help her put of Defense Mode and holding a safe spot? I feel like I"m enabling her by not disciplining her, although being in Defense Mode, it won't get thru to her anyway..It's frustrating..Any advice? Thank you..

Posted by Determined Mom at 2023-05-01 22:16:32 UTC