Anyone else struggling with their teenager and hygiene? My 13 year old stepson struggles with all hygiene issues, especially bathroom ones. Specifically poop. We have had a million conversations about why it is important to flush your poop. Why it is important to wash your hands after going poop. Why it is important to wipe after you poop. Why it is important to use a plunger, not your HAND if the toilet is clogged. Why it is important to not put your hands in the toilet to grab the giant wad of wet, poop toilet paper and put it in the trash can because you think it’s going to clog the toilet. And most likely not washing your hands afterwards. We have explained about bacteria and illness that can come from poop. We’ve tried rewards, punishments. He may do good for a couple days, then it’s back to the same $hit (literally and figuratively 🥴). He has a lot of things that drive me absolutely insane, but I am STRUGGLINGGGG with this. Any advices? Tips? Experiences that someone can commiserate with me? Thanks in advance! Edited to add: he also has severe ADHD.

Posted by krmar07 at 2023-05-01 14:52:23 UTC