After 16 years, my 17 year old (grand)daughter finally received her diagnosis of ASD. Even without a diagnosis, I would have gone to my grave knowing she had ASD, but seeing everything written in the report was so overwhelming. I’m still trying to process it before I can tell her the results. I’m sad that it took so long to get the diagnosis and that she has missed out on the proper therapies as a young child. One thing that’s shocking to me is the results of her WAIS-IV test. It’s showing a IQ composite score of 75, but when she was 9, her composite IQ score was 92. I don’t understand why that is and I’m not going to mention that until I speak with the doctor and get more details about it. I am thankful that we have finally gotten something in writing that may help her understand herself better.

Posted by littlebit.0718 at 2023-04-24 12:35:26 UTC