I have a 28-year-old son that we think maybe on the spectrum but he has not been diagnosed. He is very shut down and really deep in hating himself mode. Do other people on the spectrum seem to despise themselves and not care about themselves? We have gone through this with him for a very long time and then about 2 years ago he decided he wanted to get better and he did amazing. But once we started suggesting he get a job and once he got a job that was part time he did semi okay. Then he got a full-time job and it was way overwhelming and he could not do it and this is set him back so far. Suicidal tendencies for many many years then was so so so much better. Now we are back to this constant sadness and worry. Any advisor encouragement is greatly appreciated. Yes he is seeing a therapist.

Posted by jggjtaylor at 2022-04-29 18:47:13 UTC