How do I rectify when I've made a mistake? My 16 year old plays this online video game constantly - not super addicted anymore, he keeps up with school work and gets great grades, has a girlfriend, holds down a part time job and does musical theatre on the side, which he really loves. I get he loves and needs this game to help him decompress. However, what does end up suffering are the basic necessities of life: eating and sleeping. He wakes up 3 hours before school to play, and then eats next to nothing before going to school because he's trying to squeeze in as much play before leaving. He is always exhausted and hungry. Today I turned off the WiFi because he would not eat. Wrong move, that just shut him down and instead of eating, he took to his bed and hid under the bed covers for an hour. Shutting the WiFi down was the wrong move. But how can I go back once I've gone there? Doesn't that teach him that if he shuts down I will just give him what he wants? I just want him to eat something, for God's sake.

Posted by four.berchuks at 2023-04-20 13:12:42 UTC