Scenario - 17 yr old young man has snap chat, hooked up with a 14yr old girl. He is obsessed over her 'Damsel in Distress' motive. The mom which only has visitation is encouraging their meet up, we have said no. Thankfully they do not live close and the state she is in has stricter age laws. While our son's friend was on life support for organ donation after suicide she also claimed she wanted to commit suicide. Our son is obsessed with watching and listening to the point he can't make it to school and has to be off the days she is out. He was concerned that the girl is thinking he has done something harmful. Her mom has my number and can reach out if they are that concerned, they have not. He has created an Amazon account, purchased and shipped items to her. His phone has been shut down, his bank accounts transfered, Amazon account reported. We have a great counselor and support system. Please share your experiences and out comes.

Posted by stillfourliberty at 2023-04-19 14:47:57 UTC