Recently saw a video from a therapist that managed to be perfectly aligned with 'Defense Mode'. Link below but it the line comes in at 12:39. The video focuses on anger (and the Hulk). This emotion many people deal with, and seems to be a big challenge for those on the spectrum, and their parents. The line prompts viewer to think of a person as a boiling pot of water. If they are just below boiling point, then any little thing can tip them over. It makes me think about when a person is deep in defense mode any little thing can result in an explosion. Of course we're all still responsible for our actions/words, even if tipped into rage. But it highlighted for me the challenge being stressed ALL THE TIME will bring. Be that from sensory overload, masking, ect. And how a child who seems to suddenly explode with anger, might have been bottling up the stress and deep in defense mode.

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-04-27 04:43:10 UTC