Hello AE Community: Is it normal for Aspies to be *soooooo* impatient? (Example: When it's time for studying and me teaching my child, my child can't wait for me to get out of the room. She's almost all the time impatient and always says "let's get it done asap!" - She basically hates studying and I know that sometimes she just want to finish the lessons fast (and she does not even paying attention to it!) - sometimes just making a guess (specially in a test). She always mentions how a waste of time it is. She mentioned to me before that she didn't want to waste like 7 years of her life studying. I can understand that because not everything you learn online or in school is useful in the real world! But at least I wanted her to finish high school. Sometimes, I am thinking if I have to stop this accredited online school & stop wasting $200 plus a month, and just concentrate on FUNCTIONAL MATH and LIFE SKILLS! - Even me, as a parent, I don't think I learned a LOT in school. For me, it's just a waste of my time. I finished my Bachelor but really NEVER used it and I am OK in my life! I kind of want to know your opinion or any suggestions you might have regarding this. Most of the time, I WORRY because I don't know what her future will be. I am not pushing her when it comes to study because the more I push her to finish this and do this and do that - the MORE she's stubborn and the more she won't do it - then the MORE I worry because we're getting behind in Grade Levels!! :-( :-( - although now, I figure, I am not going with the flow of Public school so called Grade Levels - since she's homeschooling - she's in no rush - but then still I WORRY as to her future if she keeps being behind.

Posted by UlilangK1946 at 2023-04-11 21:24:23 UTC