Last night a physical power struggle ensued between my son and his dad. My son didn’t want to turn his phone in at bedtime. My husband insisted it was time. Son wouldn’t release the phone. He was texting with someone. I went into my sons room after my husband took the phone from our son. My son was crying. This morning he’s completely out of spoons. Won’t even answer me to get up for school. How do we set limits on screen time when this happens? This is why we set limits with him: My daughter has her phone all night. Straight A’s, does her chores. Neurotypical. Son, has phone all night. Goes to bed at 4:00 AM. Sleeps in class. Barely passing. Neurodivergent. Now I’m upset with my husband. And worried about my son who is in deep defense mode.

Posted by Lin at 2023-04-11 14:55:30 UTC