My husband and I just met with a lawyer to start the process of creating a Trust for our son on the spectrum as we do not have anyone to assist him once we are gone and we are already retired. He was very helpful in explaining what we need to do regarding the trust and providing all our options for this. He also however strongly suggested we have our son neuro Physc tested to enable him to apply for SSI or SSDI. I know from AE that wording is very important and would like some help with how to approach our son about getting tested for the purpose of being approved for disability income. I understand Autism is a neuro disorder not disability but in order to get SSI or SSDI he would have to be identified as disabled. I know this will hard for him and he probably won’t agree to be tested but it would be so much help to him if he could get some assistance when we are gone so he wouldn’t have the burden of full time work if he can’t handle the stress of it. He’s very intelligent and holds a Computer Science degree but cannot apply his knowledge for this or any other chore in a timely manner so he will most likely not be able to use his degree. How is the best way to ask him to be tested and explain the purpose and it’s for his benefit once we are no longer here. He has only worked part time jobs while in college but has not worked at all in 4 years. I would appreciate any guidance on the best way to approach him. I’m finding it hard to do I know it will be even harder for him to accept. Thanks so much. So happy to have this support.

Posted by Ncnichols4 at 2023-04-10 19:21:39 UTC