I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have one child who's an Aspie and one who's not. The two have a history of not getting along and as far as I know, the blame goes both ways. This site has been a blessing in terms of understanding defense mode and our relationship with the Aspie child. Here's the problem: the neurotypical child doesn't think or feel that trying to understand Aspergers or defense mode will make a difference in their relationship and refuses to even consider learning more. They think that this is only an emotional problem and the Aspie sibling needs to go to counseling. Things are tense for the whole family when we are all together because neurotypical sibling thinks everything that happens in their encounters is the other sibling's fault, i.e. taking offense easily, paranoia, arguing, etc. and doesn't see that there is trauma on both parts that is influencing the situation, but also that defense mode is involved. How can I help them both, especially when one isn't open to understanding Aspergers?

Posted by lrjohnson102 at 2023-04-10 17:36:26 UTC