I thought someone with Autism would be approved for SSI since it is a Federal program if they were formally diagnosed however I just found the following for NC only and wanted to share. Does an autism diagnosis automatically make an individual eligible? No. In North Carolina, there is no entitlement to intellectual and/or developmental disability services, and individuals with disabilities are not guaranteed any support beyond what is federally mandated through the public school system or the federal disability system. It is also important to understand that eligibility for a particular service does not necessarily mean that the person will receive the service. For instance, a child with autism might be eligible to apply for the NC Medicaid Home and Community-Based waiver, called Innovations and formerly known as the CAP-MR/DD or CAP-I/DD waiver, but because of limited funding and a limited number of slots, the individual probably will be placed on a waiting list even if it is determined that they should receive the waiver.

Posted by Ncnichols4 at 2023-04-07 15:15:08 UTC