Howdy y’all! Just joined this group and I need some serious advice. My 9yr old son was diagnosed 5 years ago genetically on the spectrum and I have slowly learned how to put out fires as they flare up but I’m dealing with an issue that I really don’t know how to deal with. Alex has constipation a lot and I’ve tried to do a clean out several times but can’t maintain quality poop due to his traumatic stress when we were potty training him as a toddler and had to use an enema. I also think I am getting a lot of misinformation about autism and I need some clarification. I am also a part of a Facebook group called TACA that is run by parents who believe the following- Medical doctors can’t help you with autism the only way to get help is to go through a functional medicine doctor (who charges 600 for the first visit and 300 thereafter) Autistics should be on a gluten/ casein/ dairy/soy free diet. Autism is 75% based on environmental factors (don’t cook on non stick pans/ no microwaves no leftovers Constipation is a major issue with autism kids There’s more but I gotta go…. Thanks One frustrated momma

Posted by kelkoe at 2023-04-07 13:43:58 UTC