Hi Danny and all, I just read the message “You don’t Suck.” Thank you so much for those words. I’m trying very hard to help my son be the best he can and to have a happy life. My life has been very hard at times. A little about me. I married at 20 year old to a young man the same age attending Georgia Tech,. We met when I visited my sister in Miami. He lived across the street. We dated long distance for 2 years. We eloped in his junior year. His parents didn’t approve and I couldn’t wait to leave a verbally abusive, alcoholic father. I worked at Georgia Tech and we lived on base. I had gotten a Secretarial degree before. Scott joined ROTC to get extra money. We were cut off from his parents. His dad was an airline pilot. He graduated from Georgia Tech and went in the A. F. —Navigator training near Sacramento, CA. Then training in the F-4 at Luke in Phoenix, then George AFB in CA. That base is closed now due to contamination. That’s where I got pregnant with my first son and discovered I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while packing to move to Moody AFB in Georgia. I went through surgery and radiation treatment after having my first son. He was ok. I was away most of the summer at Biloxi, Miss. for treatment at a bigger Military hospital. My husband was killed in an F-4 in Las Vegas area practicing for war a few months after I finished treatment right before Christmas. After figuring out I was moving to Phoenix, I drive across country with the baby, dog and some belongings. I eventually bought a house not far from the church I still attend. Church helped me tremendously. I went to college and got a degree in Business from ASU. Then I met Jeff 8 years later through a dear friend. I had a daughter and another son, which I’m told wasn’t easy. I had 1/3 of my cervix removed in 1982 before I met Jeff. He went to NAU to get a PT degree, and I worked for the County in Flagstaff. I had Cole and in 1990 moved back to Phoenix. I went back to ASU to get a teaching degree. Cole was diagnosed with ADHD at 6. Eventually, he was put on adderall, which he hated. He wasn’t taking it and got in trouble at school a lot. Eventually, he was asked to leave his high school and went to an on-line charter school. He somehow made it, because he didn’t want to disappoint his father and I. He tried college and got to the end but didn’t finish. His Dad died on the kitchen floor when he was 24. Cole and I tried to revive him before paramedics came, which didn’t work. Two days later we took him off life support. He had pneumonia and a heart condition. He kept saying it was the flu. Anyway, fast-forward to now and Cole works delivering pizza. He drives and has a car. He lives with me. I have many health issues now from the radiation treatment and probably contamination I received. I really am trying to help Cole be as successful as I can. Thanks for reading this long bio. I appreciate your support and advice. Lynn Boddy

Posted by rykatco1 at 2023-04-06 15:10:35 UTC