Hello! I am brand new here and have a question regarding testing. My oldest son is 21 and I have suspected for a while now that he is ASD level 1/ Asperger’s. He has been homeschooled all his life, so we were never really confronted with the need for testing. It hasn’t always been easy but we’ve largely managed to work with many of his quirks and differences. He was very intelligent and verbal from early on, so I think he flew under the radar at most pediatric visits. He’s had issues with sleep, sensory issues, digestion, allergies and food sensitivities, separation, transitions, socially appropriate responses, anxiety, motivation, and executive function. Many people might say that he’s different or quirky, but probably wouldn’t assume ASD. I’ve seen some really good progress in the last 2-3 years, but he is feeling very “stuck” now. He has his drivers permit but would rather not drive because he feels like there are too many details to keep track of. He has a part-time job but is reluctant to add more hours because he needs recovery days from the stress of working. He publishes his own manga online but has hit a wall as far as figuring out how to make that a career. He is extremely talented in some areas and has goals, but feels he self-sabotages his ability to achieve those goals and is discouraged. I could go on and on about the details but basically, I’m wondering if there’s any benefit to seeking a diagnosis at this point, or do we go under the assumption that he is Asperger’s and start by using the resources here. If we do seek a diagnosis, where do we start with that?

Posted by kelly_howard24 at 2023-04-05 04:43:58 UTC