Hello AE Community. I am in need of an advise/opinion. My 22 daughter has already opened 6 holes in her bedroom wall in different occasions when she is mad. I have not called the police on her because I did not wanted her to have that on her records. But I have reached a point where I will call police next time it will happen. Yesterday she went further and since I told her I was not going to buy her the Call of Duty Game (since I was driving her from her University home) she open the door and tried to throw herself out of the car. I do not know where I found the strength to pull her back. When she arrived home she started hitting the walls of her bedroom and added 2 more holes to her collection. I have her on therapy, she has a psychiatrist, I enrolled her in an Asperger support group at the University of Houston where she attends, I take her to church Sunday, I have started to apply strategies I learned from one of the wonderful courses. Thank you so much and any opinion is appreciated.

Posted by maylen12.mg at 2023-04-04 19:45:05 UTC