Hello. My name is Molly and I only recently discovered Asperger Experts. After participating in the webinar, decided to invest in the Freedom From Defense Mode course to help me support my 20-year-old daughter who we only RECENTLY realized is on the spectrum. It was apparent throughout childhood that she was unusual but she was very good at masking the ASD and it wasn't until high school that she was no longer able to cope and began to show signs of burn out and isolation. With this diagnosis everything is FINALLY MAKING SENSE ! She struggles with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, very poor executive functioning, burn-out, and just generally is struggling to launch into adulthood and navigate the basics of living life effectively. She has been medicated for her mental health struggles since she was a teenager. We now have her in ABA therapy (at our house) 3-4 days per week, but, even though she says she's in favor of the treatment, she routinely is overwhelmed and cancels those sessions. She also routinely sleeps all day and stays up all night, skips meals, and a variety of other unhealthy behaviors. More than anything, we want to support her growth into adulthood by giving her what she needs but right now it seems like such a LONG ROAD.

Posted by mollykazoo at 2023-04-03 21:36:47 UTC