My 13 year old son was diagnosed a couple of years ago as being "just" on the spectrum. Long story, but his diagnosis is being questioned by the school psychologist and it seems like this current therapist we are working with is maybe thinking the same. He doesn't seem to fit the typical mold (not that there is one, but...). In poking around online, I see that there is a theory that excessive screen time could cause "autism like symptoms". He certainly has had excessive screen time and from an early age. Yes, parenting fail. We did a screen detox this year and he does seem to "come alive" when forced to be a part of the real world. It's not sustainable to keep them from him all the time, but is it worth it to try to cut back? How do I tease out what could be a consequence of technology and what is just inherently him? He is currently home after not returning to school after Christmas break, doing home instruction. School was just too much for him.

Posted by sep0713 at 2023-04-01 23:21:35 UTC