I’d really like to hear from folks how they’ve managed with diet. My 15 year old has always been an insanely picky eater (when he was in 2nd grade we challenged him to write a list of all the foods he would eat and there were eight items, including apples and applesauce as two separate items!). We used to manage by making sure there was something he liked to eat at least every other day and that we had plenty of things he would eat that he could prepare himself as an alternative, like PB&J or chicken nuggets. However, it came to our attention that he was just not eating at all far more days than was healthy, so I tried to start providing more foods he would eat at every meal, regardless of how frustrating that was for everyone else. However, now he’s not happy with his physical shape and wants to eat healthier. What has worked for other folks in terms of expanding their list of acceptable foods and learning to make healthier choices?

Posted by FSnockhart4235 at 2023-04-01 17:27:58 UTC