Adding to my post, is that my 18 year old son is in total Defense Mode and in self-sabotage mode in his last semester of high school. He is at risk for graduating and all the hard work he did to get accepted to colleges is going down the drain. I understand all of this is scary and overwhelming but now he is refusing to go to school, refuses therapy, won't socialise with friends or exercise and just wants to stay in his room and play video games. It is impacting his sleep and eating, missing hair cut appts, dr appts. I have tried all the helpful hints and am running around on egg shells. Tried taking away the equipment which made it worse, tried giving him more control and choices, etc.. and am at a loss as what to do. His college consultant and prior educational consultant suggested a psychologist/ interventionist. His advice was to continue to be supportive but not enable. Let him know that what he is going to do in life is his responsibility but there are some basic things he needs to do and give him some choices and control. Very basic tasks-mind you. Reason for this is I get blamed for everything-it is your fault I didn't go to school, your fault I didn't eat, etc.. So they said avoid the power struggles of video game and outbursts over this and say mom isn't going to manage your time on this, isn't going to tell you when to eat, clean your room etc, but I am worried about you. I am ready to smash the computer into pieces but I know it isn't the problem. It is where he feels control and accepted but now it has taken over his life. They are suggesting if he can't meet some of his basic needs, then intervention comes in and we get him to a program. Mind you 2 years ago he went to a program for about 5 months and did well. He came back home but there are some triggers in our family that I had hoped would have changed but didn't and he has lost site of all those coping skills he learned. I feel I have no choice as time is ticking and he needs help. If after talking to him in this fashion, and there is no change what are your thoughts on a program? youth/adult transition, wilderness, in patient? I can't live like this. He is emotionally young for 18 and feel I am running out of options. Please advise

Posted by mxasmith at 2023-04-01 14:21:36 UTC