My son had a neuropsychologist report done at age 14, a psycho-educ eval at 17 that suggested signs of autism but with no definitive diagnosis. The reports did confirm executive functioning deficits, avoidance tactics, depression and social anxiety. He was able to obtain an IEP due to this. He can be incredibly high functioning at times. Based on this and my own research + this very helpful site, it appears clear to me that he is on the spectrum. Do you feel it is really necessary to try and drag him to get further testing to get an official diagnosis? What is an official diagnosis going to do at age 18? I don't claim to be an expert, but all of the signs have been there for years. We have tried multiple therapists over the years and he now refuses to see one. Though he was reluctant, we tried medication for a short stint but he hated it and said it made him feel worse and neither parents or child were willing to experiment with this.

Posted by mxasmith at 2023-04-01 13:46:09 UTC