Hi all - I'm new to the AE community. My second son, age 43, has not been formally diagnosed, but after reading some of the posts here and watching the AE videos, it's clear to me that he very likely is somewhere on the Autism spectrum, most likely Aspergers. He was not very motivated in school (although I know he's quite capable, smarter than his dad & I put together) and as an adult, he struggles with anxiety. HIs long-time girlfriend broke up with him about a year ago, and while he does date again now, I don't think he wants a serious relationship with any of them. He works full-time and has his own car, but recently moved back home. To his credit, he sought help on his own several years ago, but the doctors he has been assigned to have not helped (actually made things worse with wrong/inappropriate medications). I'm on a quest again to find a doctor that's the right fit - quite a challenge, as there is only one practice in our area that is accepting new patients. Several of my grandchildren are also on the spectrum: 2-year old twin boys & a 3-year old girl. They're in early intervention preschool programs & speech therapy, which seems to be helping with communication and social skills. Our goal for the summer is to work on helping them with the "big emotions". Question: which of the programs would be best suited for (a) my adult son; and (b) my toddler grandchildren?

Posted by carol.yeoman at 2023-03-31 21:19:51 UTC