Hi everyone! I’m new to the community and so happy to have found it! We live in Florida—if anyone else does and has a 2e teen with Asperger’s, pls hit me up so we can help the kids socialize! My daughter is 15yo, recently diagnosed, has history of anxiety, sadness, and attends a private high school. She is outgoing and would love to connect with other teens similar to her. It has been hard to do so at her school. Can anyone tell me if there any apps or websites or places where teens can chat safely with one another who are aspies? There does not seem to be any active chats or websites for this. I am also a pediatric and adult psychiatrist but as we lived for 15years without the diagnosis for my daughter, I’m trying to learn even as late as now, as much as I can about ASD-level1/Asperger’s. Thank you for making this awesome site and way for parents to connect!!

Posted by kmama at 2023-03-30 16:04:01 UTC