Our son is 19 and diagnosed ADHD and autism (HF). He is working instead of going to college for now, which is fine, but he has recently started a job where he has met a friend, which we are thankful for. However, we are not sure this friend is a good influence and we have reason to believe our son is trying out cigarettes with him. How do we confront the obvious evidence without looking like we were snooping. I want to open the lines of communication not shut him out of our lives completely. He and his dad already don't agree on much and hubby found the cigarette he threw out the window. I don't want son to know his dad was snooping around, but he was suspicious when he saw the screen out of the window. Thoughts on how to talk to him about this tonight?

Posted by Lovecats at 2023-03-29 19:55:06 UTC