Our 29 year old daughter was recently unofficially diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and ADHD. It explained a lot to us - the anxiety, behavior issues, masking (females), misdiagnosis, trouble socially and fitting in, capacity issues. Always done well in school. Amazingly she finished her Masters degree in Social Work (during COVID) and is working very Part Time as a counselor for the disabled. She also "came out" as non-binary. We are taking the Getting out of Defense Mode class now. I hope I'm not jumping the gun asking these questions since we haven't finished the class, but how can we get her to seek FT employment? She doesn't have many friends and isolates a lot of the time, which makes me sad. Could she benefit with counseling herself? She has a hard time trusting the Drs and therapists because of the previous misdiagnosis. We are struggling to figure out how to help her. Would appreciate any guidance from the group.

Posted by michellerc at 2023-03-29 18:44:42 UTC