Oh boy. Our son still isn’t driving due to intrusive thoughts. He is going to weekly counseling to work through his past trauma as well as the trauma of losing his dog in February. My husband who has bipolar is fed up with the whole thing of me driving him to and from work, counseling and to the park to walk and church. Yes, it’s inconvenient but I believe it’s temporary and what he needs at this point in time. He had another time a couple years ago where I had to drive him due to sleep issues. It was temporary. I know he dislikes not having his freedom to take his car and go whenever like before. I’m confident he will drive again. But my husband goes to his counselor and feeds her his side of the story and then he comes home and tells me that she thinks he is manipulating us. Ugh. Here we go again. I’m playing referee and now my husband’s counselor is adding her two cents. So we went for a walk to talk about this stuff. It didn’t go well. My husband’s counselor says Nathaniel is acting like a five year old. If he won’t drive then make him walk (1.5 hrs) to work and he will start driving. Neither our son or I want another dog. He doesn’t want another dog, I think in part because he doesn’t want to endure the pain of losing another at some point. He also doesn’t think we will give another dog the time and attention he feels it needs. And my husband drops pills on the floor and it’s a worry if the dog might get one. I don’t want a dog because if it keeps the household up at night then I end up having to deal with it or have it sleeping in my room. My husband is adamant that he wants another dog, however, he never helped care for our others, so will he take care of the next? His counselor tells him he needs to get a dog and have a say in the matter 😑. I’d like to shake her. She is no help. I’m tempted to send our son’s counselor to clue her in on my husband’s frustrations. Maybe it would help her in what to focus on most?

Posted by mooseiddings at 2023-03-29 00:44:09 UTC