Does anyone here have experience with alexithymia? I came across this term in my research, and it sounds like my son in a lot of ways. His typical response to most questions is "meh", no words at all, or even visible discomfort. The latter responses are always when asked about feelings or hard topics. Previous attempts at therapy have resulted to him balled up in his hoodie in a corner. He has not participated with the current therapist either. Best we can do (because we needed a letter for the school) was to have him sit in the office with his Dad and I while he puts his head down on the sofa watching his phone. The neuropsychologist 2 years ago gleaned a huge amount of info from him for the diagnosis, but it was not therapy. He seems to communicate best in writing (usually to express negative thoughts), but I can sometimes get feedback from him if I present it in clear true/false, multiple choice style questions. Nothing too squishy! He is verbal, especially when playing computer games. Seems to be the only time I would describe him as animated. The lack of communication makes helping him and understanding his current situation with not wanting to go to school so much more complicated. Thank you!

Posted by sep0713 at 2023-03-28 10:51:16 UTC