Working on the books and webinars. But really wondering how to help my 19 yr old recognize that hating people based on his perception of them isn’t helpful. He is so biased, and rude about people. I have posted before about his need to hold everyone to impossibly high standards and I just am making no headway at all. He just sounds awful. He isn’t an awful person, he really is kind, compassionate, loving but send him into the world and he despises everyone he meets for “something “. They told an old joke, they are gender fluid, they have dyed hair, they are religious, they speak too slowly … “ and on and on and on. The truth is he is miserable and lonely, I think it’s a get them before they get me, but now he has lost all ability to be tolerant of people and connect - which he would like to do but now quite frankly he is quite mean and who wants that?

Posted by CapitalZone at 2023-03-27 03:12:37 UTC