My 28 yo son has Aspergers and is undergoing 6 weeks of magnetic brain treatments for depression. I have become aware that his birth mother is narcissistic and am dealing with that as we divorce. I wonder if he addressed the Aspergers and now the narcissistic mother issues directly if the magnetic treatments &/or potential electric shock treatments would still be advised, and I worry that they may harm him. How do I possibly figure this out? Who can even help me with this? I am less worried about the magnetic treatments, but not really based on sound knowledge. He has headaches every day from the treatments but refuses to use painkillers. He will begin week 2 tomorrow. I feel a bit mentally incapacitated presently due to our divorce and commencing my personal recovery from narcissistic abuse. Feels overwhelming to try and figure this out. When should I tell him about his mother being a narcissist?

Posted by suef2060 at 2023-03-26 20:03:15 UTC