My teenager is diagnosed with ASD (level 1/Aspergers), OCD & Anxiety. I am trying to untangle if racing thoughts ('Mom, make my brain stop') are from OCD or ASD. He has contamination OCD and compulsions around that topic (he is ERP therapy, been to Rogers PHP, improvements, but slow), but there are not necessarily compulsions around his racing thoughts. Regardless of which diagnosis may contribute to racing thoughts, any suggestions on how to best help? When we have time we do mindfulness activities, he'll draw, we may watch TV and they subside. But many times they come up and we don't have the time in the moment if he wants to get to school (and he wants to go, but racing thoughts stop him from being able to function). So curious if anyone has done neurofeedback and if so, does it help with racing/intrusive thoughts? Open to other suggestions! Thanks.

Posted by Struggling Momma at 2023-03-24 21:55:08 UTC