I'm an adult female with a suspicion of what can be called a high-functioning Aspergers (I definitely learned to cover up). I tend to be very logical and what I'm observing is that: 1). I'm easily bored with general conversations and crave a high degree of complexity in everything (a reading, a discourse). I think in systems and can hold complex systems in my head all at once. 2). In relatively quickly evolving group exchanges, especially at work, I'm so focused on analyzing and solving the problem at hand (I experience a higher level of excitability in a moment like this), I miss on social cues and sometimes it looks like I'm intentionally going too far challenging someone's idea because I don't switch off in timely fashion and/or gracefully, but I only realize this after. How common is this?

Posted by Poppy0106 at 2023-03-24 19:55:50 UTC