I am a mother of a 25 year old son on the spectrum who inspired me to start my own STEM Business (teaching computer programming, engineering, robotics, 3d print etc). This fall I opened my own "homeschool" alternative where we do academics in the mornings and STEM afternoons. I have only about 15 full-day students 1st-7th grade and up to 25 that come in for the STEM programs. I bet 30% or more of my students are on the spectrum. I am looking for insight from the parents of school aged children so I can be sure I am doing all I can for these children. If you could create a school for your child, what would they do all day? What would they learn? What would you like the environment to be like? The more details the better. I feel like I am doing a pretty good job but I'd like to grow my school and include more children on the spectrum. www.statelineSTEMacademy.net

Posted by curtis877 at 2022-04-21 20:43:07 UTC