Hello! Wondering if anyone knows of grants or scholarships who support high school kids on the spectrum that developed anxieties and who are grieving life changes due to the Covid shutdowns? Our son is graduating high school in a couple months, but wants to move back to his old high school because he misses his friends and he needs closure that he didn’t get when we had to move during Covid. Also, during the move, the moving company stole all of our things which we are still working on with law enforcement. The people who purchased our home remodeled the home to where it doesn’t look anything like his childhood home. So in an instant, his school was shut down, we decided to move from the only place he knew for 16 years, and when he arrived at the new place all of his items had been stolen. He’s done well under the circumstances, but his doctor says he is grieving from the childhood trauma and will not improve until he gets closure. I want to move him back for the Final couple months so he can graduate with his friends and get closure, but we are unable to afford the housing since we are keeping our house in the other state as well so we can move back after graduation. I feel stuck and he is counting on me to help him get through this… Any ideas to get help with housing for 2 1/2 months? April 1 through June 18. Kirkland/Redmond, WA area. We have doctor diagnosis, his therapist diagnosis, and his school counselor all agree that this is the best thing for him?! Happy to share the medical information needed to qualify. We have exhausted all of our personal options, and feeling helpless. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Posted by MommaBear31 at 2023-03-20 19:47:32 UTC