Our 19 year old son got his license in December and it's time to find a car. He loves all things vintage and of course wants a classic car. We have put off car shopping simply because we know it's going to be a fight. What talking points do you have for us? We've already talked about safety, insurance costs, maintenance costs, but I feel like we are going to have to prove it to him because he doesn't get it. I was thinking of taking him to a place he wants to look (classic cars), write down info. about the car (s) he might be interested in, then go to a place where I think he could find a nice car and do the same. Then, call insurance agent and find out pricing for all cars on our list and see the comparisons, what he can afford, etc. Any other thoughts you have to share would be welcome. He just doesn't see the big picture, just wants to stand out. :-)

Posted by Lovecats at 2023-03-20 12:27:17 UTC