Hey all, I have posted before about my 12.5 yr old daughter with Aspergers, contamination OCD, Anxiety and Depression. She also has developed ARFID. I posted about how her braces and bite block were impacting her ability to chew and her confidence and had some great suggestions mentioned. We and she agreed to get the bottom braces and bite block off so she can chew somewhat normally again. I thought we were good but she now is over-chewing and everything and worrying about whether it is chewed into small enough pieces to swallow. Which has severely limited her foods she is willing to eat. We are doing medical clearance stuff for a virtual ARFID program and I am hoping that can help us but I wonder how they can help with her chewing confidence again. It definitely is a sensory thing and she is upset that she feels she forgot how to chew and swallow appropriately. What kinda specialist would we go to for this? We are meeting with her pcp tomorrow for the medical clearance paperwork and I was thinking I would ask for a referral if there was a professional that could help best. Suggestions?

Posted by Adventuremama at 2023-03-20 00:42:38 UTC