Hello everyone! I’m a momma to a sweet 15 year old autistic boy. His name is Samuel. His twin sister, Samantha, is also on the spectrum. I’ve lived this for years. What I wasn’t prepared for, is the teen years. My son is becoming increasingly easy to agitate. He gets upset over the smallest things. If someone sings or if we joke he even gets upset. Lots of things trigger him. I know he’s just going though a hormonal change but his first reaction at times is to hit. We redirect him every time. I worry because he’s almost an adult and this behavior absolutely cannot continue. I need outlet ideas I guess, I’m not sure. I’m gonna get him a punching bag. We’ve tried mma but he did not like it. He plays baseball with his special needs team, loves to build legos, plays video games.

Posted by stone.bethany06 at 2023-03-19 22:45:22 UTC