My 12.5 yr old daughter has Aspergers, ARFID, OCD, Anxiety and Depression. She is home schooled this year for sixth grade because fifth grade was such a struggle academically as it wasn’t challenging enough and socially because she is not into the same things as her peers and struggles with conversations. So we took this year to do an online academy that she can go at her own pace and to find ways to help her mental health struggles without the added pressure of crowded hallways, hormonal peers and pressures associated with fitting in. I enrolled her in an art class in hopes she may meet some likeminded peers but so far none fit well with her. We may look to switch things up if needed for next year. Any suggestions on what worked best for some of you academically and socially? Her diagnosis’s came last year so we are playing catch up to help her. We moved to a state where we have no friends or family. So we don’t have the benefit of friends from growing up or a support system at all.

Posted by Adventuremama at 2023-03-19 17:19:28 UTC