Alright tough question. Partner has type 2 diabetes, were working with a doc for meds, we're changing the diet, but exercise is a big help too. Problem is he doesn't want to exercise, even small things. I exercise regularly, and I'm with him each step of the way. That means we're both eating healthier, I'm with him in the apts (per his request), and he's stated he doesn't want to do anything without me there. I don't want to 'make him' exercise. No redline methods for us. I'm willing to do whatever he wants at whatever level he's comfortable with, be that 10min of light stretching, or 2hrs of kayaking. I think right now he's scared. He's getting his first taste of 'this disease is serious'. I've experienced a chronic life threatening disease too, but for me when things got scary, I got angry, and took on the view of 'I won't let this take me'. It turned into motivation, which drove me to work harder towards my current state of remission. But of course he isn't me, and I think he's getting overwhelmed by fear. Any recommendations for calming the fear, but not downplaying the seriousness of diabetes? I know this has to be his work too, and he's making baby steps, but even his doctor is advising more progress needs to be seen sooner as things certain damages are becoming/have become irreversible.

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-04-19 07:37:13 UTC