I’m currently going through the Accountability Plan and having trouble figuring out how to apply this knowledge. My 32 ye old son moved home 6 months ago after living away for 13 years. He stays in his room and has a private bath so basically his own suite upon and only needs to be around us when I’m the kitchen. When he first moved back he dressed every day and his hygiene was better. It seems like he no longer doing those and arranges his sleep awake cycles to avoid us. Je use to come to dinner at home or if we go out but no longer joins us. I think this is him going deeper into defense mode?? He won’t help with chores as he says his back hurts which is from sitting in a chair playing video games day and night or U Tube. How do I start to build trust if he avoids us? I’m Honestly afraid of making it worse so I too avoid addressing this. @Danny Raede you said you had trouble until you got out of defense mode, what/how did you do this. My son is also very stubborn as you described yourself. The biggest concern is we are older and retired and concerned about when we are gone. I just don’t know how to start this conversation. Thanks so much for any ideas.

Posted by Ncnichols4 at 2023-03-18 05:49:40 UTC