My daughter is 15 and was recently diagnosed with ASD. I know we aren’t supposed to say high-functioning but I don’t know how else to distinguish that most people that know her would not be able to tell that she has autism. She had some restrictions put on her phone recently and she is not taking it well. She has brought up suicide. I don’t know how to keep her safe from herself. I don’t know if she is manipulating me or not. In an effort to take her seriously, she has now backpedaled and says she is not actively suicidal but that she does have suicidal ideation daily. She refuses to meet with a counselor again- as we have tried that several times. What do I do? One time we also took her to the ER when she was talking about suicide but they sent us home and she says she can’t trust me because of it. Help!

Posted by benamy7 at 2023-03-13 16:50:55 UTC