I am new to the group. So glad there is some support here. I have a smart 22 year old who is on the spectrum and has ADHD but also graduating from a top school with a degree in Computer Science. He currently lives in a co-op house with 30 people. This year around Christmas break he found out some of the kids planned a spring break trip and he was not included. He has depression now and oversensitivity to the whole social scene at the house. He is isolating and barely doing his work. He now feels totally overwhelmed by finding a job and the future. My fear is he will now come home after graduation and get stuck. Not doing anything. He is going to therapy but I am not sure he is following through with all the suggestions. We have tried different meds. He is on Strattera for his ADHD and has tried a few antidepressants with no luck. Anyone have any positive stories out there of getting through or suggestions?

Posted by barbaramarquis23 at 2023-03-13 16:01:50 UTC