Hello all, I’m relatively new here. I’ve been trying to find a therapist for my son to help him maneuver the challenges of every day life and create an understanding of things that get him into trouble more frequently now. My son is 16 and I always suspected him to be on the spectrum, however was unable to get him tested until my husband and I separated, we switched schools and the school evacuated him. During the evaluation they found him to be high functioning. There are multiple small issues with hygiene and organization but one bigger problem lies with my ex husband not acknowledging his diagnosis, which leaves my son in a constant state of confusion. Secondly (actually almost the main issues) is his hyper focus. My ex husband introduced pornography into his live at age 12. While we had many talks about the reality of those videos, what’s acceptable and where without making it a taboo, but rather something natural, it has now escalated to a point where it is part of his everyday, all day and is disrupting school and family life. Even if someone can give me some pointers, that would be greatly appreciated because I don’t want him to get into trouble over this anymore than he did already.

Posted by Annett Spaller-Ortiz at 2023-03-11 22:26:49 UTC