I need advice yet again. If you are an admin, please do not reply with “have you read Defense Mode yet?” That is NOT going to help me. Can you imagine if Micah asked that every time someone called in for advice?! Ok…. Whew… I feel much better getting that off my chest! Here’s the situation: my son is in high school and is not putting his phone away during class when asked. The teachers have resorted to sending him to the office and taking his phone until class is over. He is no longer participating in PE. He just sits off to the side in his phone! I get calls DAILY about this. If I take his technology away it’s major shut down mode. Do I just allow him to continue with this defiant behavior? Please only offer advice and nothing snarky. I talk to my son and tell him that his phone is not yo be used during class.

Posted by Lin at 2023-03-10 19:13:22 UTC