I am a new member and have been reading many of the posts. Judging by the majority of the comments, it appears that while growing up I too was on the spectrum. Reading the individual posts with specific systems or actions, it seems that I had them all. Could it be that I was perhaps just a child? Could it be that all children have certain issues to deal with, to overcome? The longer I live, 67 years, and the more I see and experience, the more I believe that it isn't the children, it is the box. The box, the pigeon hole that society is attempting to push all children in to. I think the best prescription for all children, no matter what box or mold they don't seem to fit in, is something that most people never experienced or understand, unconditional love. Rather than trying to mold every Albert Einstein into a production worker, let's try unconditional love and perhaps we will get the next doctor who will cure cancer, rather than a person who fits the mold.

Posted by bhattendorf at 2023-03-10 02:48:45 UTC