I need advice, my son snapped again on me last night and was violent toward me. He is in detention again. I am taking the Get out of Defense Mode course. I am on week 2. All this has been very helpful for me but he is not getting better. I fear this time they will send him to an institution or facility because all the therapy and my efforts are not working for him. What can he do to learn this and change his behaviors? Is one on one coaching the only option? Or will I just lose him in the system for good this time? He is almost 18 yrs old and we all fear he is headed for real jail. His story is so similar to Tranis' and I need to know what helped/changed Travis? Because we have tried everything and I am at a loss of what to do. Please help me find a solution that will work for him because my PTSD is raging right now and I fear his return home as he is. Can anything, anyone reach him?

Posted by Mama Maria at 2023-03-09 16:31:59 UTC