Our son graduated from college with a BS in Radio, TV, and Communications, but he has never worked in the field since graduation. He had a mentor who died in his senior year and that seem to stop him in his tracks. Now, though, he want seek out jobs in his field. He always feel that no one will hire him. He seem to lack confidence. We are willing to support him in getting his masters, but believe it might not cure his issues. He doesn't date now, even though when he was in college he made friends that he did not maintain. I think they used him to complete their assignments. He refuses to spend money on clothes. His room looks like a junk pile. He spends more time on the computer or watching television than anything else. He is overweight and uses that as an excuse, but is just now getting into watching what he eats and exercising. He has lost weight, but gained all of it back. He's working now part-time at a grocery store at something below his abilities I believe. He get's overwhelmed with some of the managers.

Posted by lrabb81212 at 2023-03-08 17:49:53 UTC